History, traditions, culture
Welcome to Mahón, Menorca

There is nothing more pleasant than walking in the city center at sunset, when the temperature is more convenient and the city beats at a peaceful pace.

We propose a guided tour to discover the most picturesque places of the city, uncover its history and traditions. A guided tour from a local point of view.

We organize custom private tours in Mahon. Contact us ;-)


Guided tour

  • Small groups

    Our tours are designed for small groups, no more than 20 people, so that they can be a personal and pleasant experience.

  • Bilingual

    Our guides provide detailed information both in English and Spanish, so that you will not miss a details about what Mahón has to offer to its visitors.

  • Walking

    Mahón is a city that invites you to walk, and we think that it is also the best way to discover it and became acquainted with its features.

  • Local charm

    Our guides are local: our mission is to show our visitors the allure of the city and its inhabitants, their secrets and traditions.



  • Historical city center

    Mahón center belongs to a mediterranean town that looks at its harbour, that provides live and sense to the city. A burgeois city with an Illustrated history, home to well known scientists during the XVIII century. It has many hidden viewpoints within its narrow streets, that would lead us, surrounded by churches, bourgeois houses and markets, to the sea.

  • Traditions and culture

    Mahón is one of those cities that is not easy to discover: in order to know all its charm you need to visit it with a local . The legacy of many civilizations is found in this place, full of stories to be told.



Menorca lives at a different pace: everything here is done calmly, enjoying the moment. Our visit tries to respect this way of living: we will walk easily around Mahón, at the rythm that the city dictates, discovering its beauty and attractions step by step.


This peculiar way of living, characteristic of our island, defines our spirit and our ways and it is, at the same time, the best present to be shared with our visitors. Just relax and enjoy the tour.